Article orders from the National Repository Library via the interlibrary loan service

The National Repository Library in Kuopio has been delivering copies of articles to customers via e-mail.

This service will end 1 September 2021. According to the copyright law, delivering articles free of charge as electronic or scanned copies to the end user is not allowed.

Article orders can still be made in JYKDOK. The National Repository Library will deliver the article to the interlibrary loan service. You will get a notice of arrival when the article can be picked up from the Library service point (upper basement floor of Lähde). Ordering articles is free for JYU students and staff.

This autumn, the National Repository Library will start an initiative to make the interlibrary loan process from the National Repository Library more practical. The objective is to create a copyright license which would allow the National Repository Library to deliver article copies to the end user in a digital format.