Instructions for the use of face masks

Because of worsened COVID-19 situation, the University of Jyväskylä adopts an obligation to use face masks.

Face masks must always be used indoors in situations in which you are not alone. They also must be used outdoors in events that are closely connected to JYU’s operations when it is not possible to keep safe distances between people. The obligation is based on the stipulations of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (738/2002), Section 20, and the Universities Act (558/2009), Section 41a. According to a risk assessment made by the University, there is no other way to guarantee the health and safety of employees and students and the continuity of operations in close contacts. In addition to the risk assessment, the obligation to use face masks is based on a strong authority recommendation.

Face masks are available in all University buildings for the use of employees, students and visitors. A mask must be put on at the latest when entering a building and it must be used indoors in any situations in which you are not alone. Naturally, you need not to wear a mask when eating.

The obligation does not apply to persons for whom the Finnish Institute for Health and Safety (THL) does not recommend using a mask. According to THL, a face mask should not be used if it makes breathing unreasonably difficult or if other health-related issues prevent using it. Persons giving presentations in teaching situations or performing in events are not required to wear a mask if they can keep a safe distance to others.

These instructions are valid until further notice.