Remote Access to Electronic Resources

Who is it for?

Only staff and students of the University of Jyväskylä have off-campus access to our electronic resources. You need to have a valid JYU user account (HAKA login; no library card required)

How do I use it?

For remote access to our electronic resources, use one of the following methods:

  1. Use the JYKDOK search interface.
    Please sign in to the e-resource service with your JYU user account (HAKA login), not with your library card

  2. OR download the Lean Library browser extension: (choose the institute: Jyvaskyla University)

    Lean Library helps members of JYU access e-resources provided by the Library and find open access articles, too.

Please note: Students are not able to use the VPN connection. Remote access to electronic resources via VPN has been restricted due to the limitations on the network capacity.

In addition to the remote access options mentioned above, JYU's e-resources are available outside the university network through Shibboleth authentication. Fore more information, see New option for accessing e-resources: Shibboleth

Problems signing in?

If you cannot sign in to JYKDOK with your JYU user account, please check following issues:

  1. Is your username correct?
    Check capital and small letters in your username, write it without the “” ending
  2. Is your password correct?
    You can test your password in the OMA service.
  3. Is your user account expired?
    Please note! Remote access is possible for JYU staff and students only.

For more information about your user account (e.g. registering a user account, forgotten password), go to digital services.

Problems with access?

If you signed in to JYKDOK but the databases or other e-resources (books, journals) do not open, please contact the Library with the Ask and comment form.

For more on how to read e-books, go to the Library Tutorial and see the section Read e-Books .