Answer a survey about teaching of research skills to students!

We kindly ask you to answer this short questionnaire on teaching of research skills in bachelor's and master's degree programmes.
This survey was first conducted last spring, so if you already answered then, thank you!
Survey notification
We are interested in research skills taught by the Library, i.e. information seeking and research data management. We are interested in how students as well as thesis supervisors, HOPS staff and teachers see our teaching of research skills. The questionnaire is produced by the Open Science Centre, Library. We gather information to support our project Kehittävä kumppanuus ohjauskoulutuksessa: tutkimustaitojen opetus ja ohjaus opinnäyteprosessissa (=Instructive partnership in guidance training: teaching of research skills in a thesis process). Participating is voluntary. You can read about the processing of personal data in the privacy notice. Your data will be processed in strict confidence. The questionnaire includes questions such as whether the teaching of research skills is considered well-timed and whether students feel like they get enough support. In addition, we want to know whether the sharing of responsibility in teaching is found clear and how thesis supervisors find their own competence in contents that are the Library’s responsibility.