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Book Pick-Up Service Expands to Research Literature

The Library will remain closed throughout the Spring.

The pick-up service of the reserved books in Mattilanniemi allows limited borrowing services to the community of the University of Jyväskylä and the students of the Open University.

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to serve non-university customers.

The pick-up service is open until May 31st Mon-Fri at 10-17.

Exceptions for holidays (Easter, May Day, Ascension Day) will be announced on our website. Summer opening hours will be announced later.

You can order course books and now also limited amount of books from the Ylistönrinne Library and the Depository Collection in advance via JYKDOK.

Special items such as maps, sheet music, cartoons, magazines, small prints, very old or fragile publications we cannot lend.

The books can be picked up from the main door of the building A in Mattilanniemi once you have received an arrival notice.

There are detailed instructions for retrieving material from the building's windshield at the door of Mattilanniemi building A. It is highly important that the safety instructions are followed to ensure safe pickup for both the customer and our staff.

If you have had materials for reading room use at the Library. You can now get a few copies of these materials at a time for short-term home loan. For more information contact the Library by email (jykneuvonta@library.jyu.fi).

We hope that you will order only the absolutely necessary material as our delivery capacity is very limited due to the exceptional circumstances prevailing. Please note, that in these circumstances we may not be able to deliver all items within normal delivery times.

Borrowed material can be returned in the drop box by the door of the MaA building at any time of the day.

For more information: jykneuvonta@library.jyu.fi

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