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Online Learning during the Covid-19 emergency

All classes for information seeking, data management and classes for researchers via Zoom

All university teaching takes place online at least until April 13th, 2020.

  • The Library holds all its classes for information seeking, data management and classes for researchers via Zoom.
  • More information from the information specialist responsible for your class!
  • Individual guidance for students and researchers is also held via Zoom or Teams: https://kirjasto.jyu.fi/finding-resources/book-a-librarian

Classes for Researchers

Upcoming classes for researchers.

Our online courses will go on as usual:

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Article Supply Service of the National Repository Library (Kuopio)

Interlibrary loans services are not available at the moment.

The National Repository Library (Kuopio) offers article supply services also during the Covid-19 emergency. You can make article requests in JYKDOK. Search the journal in JYKDOK using Advanced search/ The National Repository Library (Kuopio) tab. Further information on how to make an article request: https://jyu.finna.fi/Content/universal_borrowing

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The Library strives to support learning and research also in the middle of the current situation.

We have provided a page for information to help you stay up to date with how the coronavirus affects library services.

For more Information on Teaching

More information: Tiia Puputti, tiia.puputti@jyu.fi

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