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Corona Situation

Updated April 1st, 2020

All the Library facilities are closed at the moment. However, there is a book pick-up point at the main door of the MaA building. The service is available for JYU and Open University students and staff only.

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to serve non-university clients.

The pick-up point is open until May 31st, 2020 on Mon-Fri at 1 am-5 pm.

Exceptional opening hours on holidays (Easter, May Day, Ascension Day) will be announced on our website and the opening hours in Summer will be announced later.

We hope that you will order only the absolutely necessary material as our delivery capacity is very limited due to the exceptional circumstances prevailing. Also, under these exceptional circumstances, we may not be able to carry on our normal delivery times .

  • You can pre-order via JYKDOK course books and limited selection of books from Ylistönrinne Library and from Depository Collection (Collection Center).
  • Special materials such as maps, sheet music, cartoons, magazine issues, small prints or old and rare publications etsc. cannot be borrowed.
  • You can pick up books when you have received the arrival notice.
  • do not mail material to your home address or to departments.

If you are unable to retrieve the material you have ordered, please kindly inform us by email jykneuvonta@library.jyu.fi or tel. +358 40 805 3803.

Please note, it is essential to follow the instructions given at the Library door to ensure safe pickup for you and our staff.

Returning Loans

Borrowed material can be returned in the drop box by the door of the MaA building at any time of the day.

Inquiries and Information

Information serves remotely during the Library's opening hours:

Loans, returns, reservations

  • +358 040 805 3803 (primary)
  • +358 040 805 3792
  • +358 040 480 9580
  • +358 040 561 3831
  • +358 050 581 8362

Information Retrieval Guidance and Self-Study Materials

Information retrieval

  • +358 040 805 3811
  • +358 040 634 5136
Self-Study Materials

    Printing Service for JYU Students

    Printing service for the students of JYU


    Exhibitions of the Science Museum in the Soihtu Exhibition Center in Seminaarinmäki and in the Natural History Museum in Vesilinna closed until the end of April.

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