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Special collections in Sport Science

The collections are housed in closed stacks at the Main Library.

Books collections of the University of Helsinki Gymnastics Institute (1882-1974)

  • Book collection was located to the Jyväskylä University Library in the 70' and consisted about 90 shelf meters material.
  • In 2011 collection was located to the Library's Copyright collection and the Textbook collection being no longer as a whole.
  • The catalogue of the collection is situated at the Helsinki University Central Archives.

Final projects of the University of Helsinki Gymnastics Institute (1882-1974)

  • A total of 1,292 items
  • Catalogues: the 2nd floor card files or in the publication: Liikunnan ja kansanterveyden opinnäytteitä Suomen yliopistoissa ja korkeakouluissa vuoteen 1982 (Final projects in Sport Science and Public Health at Finnish universities and other institutions of higher education) / ed. Kerttuli Kalanti. Jyväskylä 1983. (University of Jyväskylä Library bibliographies; 3.)
  • Final projects are also listed in the JYKDOK database.
  • Titles may also be browsed using the Thesis search form (from the Faculty/Subject list, select the University of Helsinki. Gymnastics Institute, the last item under the Department of Health Sciences)

The Lauri "Tahko" Pihkala Library

Based on the last will of professor Lauri "Tahko" Pihkala, the University of Jyväskylä received a collection of Finnish and foreign sports literature from the late 1800’s to the 1970’s.

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