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Remote Access to Electronic Resources

Remote Access

Off-campus access to the electronic resources offered by the Jyväskylä University Library from outside the University network is possible via the JYKDOK search interface.

For staff and students only!

Only staff and students of the University of Jyväskylä can use remote access and you need to have the University's user account to be able to log in to remote services.

How to?


When you start using JYKDOK outside the Jyväskylä University's network, all the electronic resources acquired by the Library are locked. After logging in to JYKDOK with your Jyväskylä University user name, you can have access to them all. You can login to JYKDOK from home page's Login-button (in upper navigation bar) and after that, by choosing Haka-authentication and entering required information to JYU login -page.


Fill in Username and password. Connection is encrypted.

All the e-journals and most of the e-books can be found via JYKDOK. When you're using e-resources hyperlink (here below it's Ebrary e-book Collection) outside the University's network, you will be automatically forwarded to JYU Login page.


Remote access is also possible via VPN.

Problems with logging in

If you can't log in to JYKDOK with your Jyväskylä University user name, check following things:

  1. Is your user name correct?
    Check capital and small letters in your user name, do NOT include @jyu.fi ending

If necessary, contact Digital Services of Jyväskylä University via Support Request form.

Problems with access

If some of the databases or other e-resources don't open, contact the Library with the Ask and comment form.

Information how to read e-books you'll find in Library Tutorial's Read e-Books section.

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