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ULLMANN'S Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry

E-resource of the Month - January 2013

Welcome to ULLMANN'S Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry, the benchmark reference in chemistry and chemical and life science engineering!

ULLMANN’S Encyclopedia is the number one resource for any query or question concerning chemicals, processes, physical and chemical data. Fully international in scope and coverage, the contents have been compiled under the supervision of a renowned global Editorial Advisory Board. It contains over 1,000 major articles, written by some 3,000 authors who are experts in their fields and affiliated to leading chemical companies or research institutes.

With more than 16 million words, nearly 15,000 tables, 25,000 figures, and innumerable literature sources and cross-references Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry offers you a stupendous amount of information in industrial chemistry, process engineering, materials science, environmental chemistry, food science and biotechnology. Built from generations of expertise, for generations to come.

ULLMANN'S can be found in the NELLI Portal. It is in use in the University network. Remote access with the University’s user account.

The online edition of the ULLMANN'S Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry offers a range of advanced functionalities:

      • HTML format for easy browsing
      • PDF format for printing
      • Search for a word or phrase in the entire text
      • Perform complicated searches using wildcards and Boolean operators
      • Follow cross references via hyperlinks
      • Direct export to RefWorks: Export citation

Our online version is static, it will not be updated.

See also Kirk-Othmer.

Ask more: Liisa Halttunen-Keyriläinen

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