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Statista - international statistics easily!

Twitter accounts with most followers 2019. Market outlook of digital marketing. The fall of Thomas Cook. Sales number of Tesla. These and lots of other statistical information on Statista-service. On trial until the 14th of November, 2019.

(Copyright of pictures and www-page: Statista)

Statista is an online service that offers you a wide range of international statistics and data platforms on a variety of topics.In Statista you can find

  • data from research institutes, the business world and government agencies, all collected in one place for ease of use.
  • a variety of analyzes, forecasts and infographics based on the data collected by Statista.
  • ready-to-use graphs to use for example in Power Point presentations.

Connect to Statista online.

Tutorials: https://www.statista.com/getting-started/welcome-to-statista

For feedback contact Tytti Leppänen.

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