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"True Finns shake up EU politics" The Finnish parliamentary election in the ProQuest Newsstand database

E-Resource of the Month - May 2011

 “True Finns shake up EU politics” “Rise of Finnish right has EU trembling” These and many more interesting articles on the Finnish parliamentary election can be found in the ProQuest Newsstand database. The database includes more than 800 fulltext newspapers and other news resources. The database offers access to the most current issue of many of the newspapers, and the archives of many of the titles go back several years.

The result of the Finnish vote in April aroused discussion in many countries. The True Finns –party becoming the third largest party in the country was a hot potato in many newspapers. You can notice this by searching for the term “True Finns” on ProQuest Newsstand. The search results in 299 hits (May 2nd 2011).

From the right side of the result list you are able to narrow the search by different criteria – for example the publication type or title. In this case, it is especially interesting to have a look at the time span of the articles (last option on the “narrow you results”-list). Here you notice that most of the articles about the True Finns were published in 2011. When you click on the year, you get a more detailed time span where you can see the results by month. April appears to be the most popular month, and going further on you can see that most of the articles were published on the 18th, the day after the election.

On the result list for this particular day, you find articles from newspapers such as Wall Street Journal, Daily Telegraph and New York Times. Then you’re free to browse what the world thinks about the Finnish vote.

The ProQuest Newstand database is a good resource when you want to compare event coverage in different news resources and in different parts of the world, or simply remain current on today’s events.

ProQuest Newsstand can now be used on the new ProQuest platform, and you can find the database via the Nelli-portal. There have been some problems mostly to do with the connection from Nelli to the ProQuest platform. If you encounter these problems (mainly when searching in Nelli), the best thing to do is go straight to the database on the ProQuest platform and carry out your search there. 

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