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E-resource of the Month - October 2012

OAPEN Library (Open Access Publishing in European Networks) is a new European portal for open access e-books. Its collections are mainly from the Humanities and Social Sciences.

The portal includes several significant academic publishers, for example Brill, Macmillan and Taylor & Francis.The portal consists of about 1000 books. The number of publications is constantly growing, and more European academic publishers are encouraged to join the portal. OAPEN is especially developing the access to the peer reviewed European research.

The search options: There is a simple search mode on the home page. You can refine your search results by using filters: Subject, Language, Publisher.  You can also make use of the subject terms of the metadata information. The Advanced search mode allows you more versatile searches: you can search either through the entire text or the metadata information.

The portal is a product of an EU-funded project of which the main target was to develop business and publishing models for the open access books as well as to get more visibility for the high-quality European research.

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