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Sage Research Methods Online

E-resource of the Month - March 2011

Sage Research Methods Online (SRMO) is a research methods tool designed to help researchers with their research projects. It links SAGE’s methodology literature and other content with advanced search and discovery tools.

Amongst the resources in SRMO are over 500 books on methodology, journals, reference content and video clips. Since SRMO focuses on methodology rather than disciplines, it can be used across different disciplines: social sciences, health sciences, and more.

One of SRMO’s features is the Methods Map, a visual search tool designed to explore relationships between terms, find new relationships, and browse content related to certain methods. It literally works as a map, helping to explore the complex world of research methods. The basis of the Methods Map is a complex taxonomy of research methods terms, methodologies, and people in the field.

Sage Research Methods Online is a useful, extensive tool for researchers, faculty and students in different stages of their research.

Remote access via the NELLI-portal. You can find SRMO material also via JYKDOK Library Database.

More information: Ulla Pesola

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