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Human Technology Publishes its Newest Issue, a Thematic Issue on Aging and Technology

The journal Human Technology has published a new thematic issue.

The English-language Open Access, international, peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal is published by the Open Science Centre at the University of Jyväskylä.

All articles in Human Technology are free to read at humantechnology.jyu.fi/current and that same address will provide access to the journal’s previous years of published papers.

More information on the journal is available at humantechnology.jyu.fi.

You can subscribe to the e-notification service at no charge at http://www.humantechnology.jyu.fi/subscribe/.

The original articles in Human Technology 2018, vol. 14, issue 3:

For more information on this issue or the journal, please contact
Jukka Jouhki, editor in chief, or
Barbara Crawford, managing editor, at

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