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Depository Collection

The Depository Collection (Fennica) is the archive collection of

    • Domestic literature. Items published in and before 1918 have been bought or received as donations
    • Periodicals published in Finland supplemented with digitised historical material
    • Maps and posters
    • Items on Finland which have been printed abroad
    • 1981-2007 audio-visual materials
    • The Archive of Finnish web pages and Radio- and TV-Archive at special workstations located at the deposit libraries in Finland

Items published after 1918 have been received under the Finnish Legal Deposit Act. The oldest book on the Depository Collection is Missale Aboense, a parchment edition from 1488.

All the material is organised and a considerable part of it is also catalogued, so it can be found in the JYKDOK database. A portion of the older materials has been catalogued only in the card index. VIOLA is the Finnish national discography and national bibliography of sheet music.

The protective systems of the collections necessitate certain limitations on use. The Depository Collection is located in the closed stacks from where it is delivered for reading room use on request. Special permission is required to take the material out of the Library for official or departmental use.

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