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Research Literature

Research literature collections include books and journals at the Main and Campus libraries. The Main Library holds literature on education, psychology, sports sciences, social sciences and humanities. In the Campus libraries you can find collections on mathematical and natural sciences.

  • Consult JYKDOK catalogue to find a book.
  • You can find the latest acquisitions on the Main Library's 2nd floor. They can be borrowed.

Open shelves

  • Open shelves hold newer literature. Most of the books can be borrowed. Take the book to the circulation desk or check it out at a self-service loan station. Reference items can be borrowed as overnight and weekend loans.

Closed stacks

  • Closed stacks hold older or less frequently used literature. In most cases it can be borrowed. If not place a request in JYKDOK-catalogue.

Course Book Collection

The Course Book Collection at the Main Library's 2nd floor contains books included in the Jyväskylä University degree requirements as well as dictionaries relevant to your studies.

Most of the books can be borrowed but there are also reference copies for reading room use only.

A number of electronic course books can be accessed from computers in the Jyväskylä University network (See Network user rights).


Finnish and foreign literature includes mostly works relevant to university courses. You can find he books at the Main Library, 2nd floor.

Depository Collection items

Books in the Depository Collection form an archive collection located in closed stacks. The books are delivered on requests for reading room use only.




Special Collections literature

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