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The Acquisitions Department acquires printed and electronic material for the Main Library and the campus libraries using funds provided by the Library and other university departments.

The acquisition policy is based on a strategy approved by the university administration.

Purchase Proposals

You can propose a book for purchase:

If the Library decides to buy the book you have proposed, you can be the first to borrow it, if it is a new book. If you propose an additional copy to existing titles, you will be added to the reservation queue with those already waiting for the title.

Information on the purchase of printed material can be found in the JYKDOK database after the material has been ordered. You can place a request on a book on order in the same way as on books which are out on loan.

See more about processing acquisitions requests.

Main Library General Collection

The Main Library houses all basic collections except those of mathematics and science subjects, which are located as follows: mathematics, information science and statistics in Mattilanniemi, physics, chemistry, biological and environmental sciences in Ylistönrinne. The Main Library houses the most recent research literature, materials shared by several subject fields, and expensive reference series if they are not available in electronic form.

Contact persons: Tytti Leppänen and Anne Heinänen

Course Book Collection

The Acquisition Department buys new course books on the basis of proposals made by university departments in the spring. The Main Library has copies of all course books for home loan and reading room use on the Main Library's 2nd floor. Reading room copies of course books in high demand are also bought for campus libraries. Examiner's copies of course books are bought at the expense of the department in question.

See more about principles of course book acquisitions.

Contact person: Jussi Savolainen

Campus Library General Collections

Collections at the campus libraries contain reference works, a limited collection of handbooks, and key journals in the subject area in question, as well as audiovisual and multimedia materials acquired by departments for local use. The Library collaborates with teachers and researchers in making decisions about future purchases.

Contact person: Anne Heinänen

Collections of University Departments

Books that are paid for by university departments or projects can also be ordered through the Main Library.

Contact person: Marjo Haapalahti


The Serials Unit buys, or receives through exchange and donations, journals for the Main Library general collection and for campus library collections. On request, the Serials Unit also buys material for departmental collections at the departments’ expense. The departments may also acquire journals themselves.

Consult the JYKDOK database to find printed and electronic journals.

On Open Science site you can find tips for searching open access articles.

Contact persons: Tytti Leppänen and Sanna Toivola

Electronic Collections

Journals and extensive reference works are acquired primarily in electronic form so that they can be accessed through the web from all university units. Reference databases are also acquired in electronic form to maximize the benefit.

On Open Science site you can find tips for searching open access articles.

Contact person: Tytti Leppänen and Sanna Toivola


As a donation, the Library receives only new, foreign or much-used Finnish research literature to the Library's collections. Donations must always be agreed in advance.

Contact person: Kaisa Saikkonen

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