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Principles of Course Reading Acquisitions

How many Copies?

  • Compulsory textbooks will be acquired for every third student enrolled in a class (maximum amount). Aka if there are 30 students, the maximum number of books acquired will be 10 copies.
  • This number includes both loan copies and reading room copies.

If text books are available as e-books, the e-version will always be acquired in addition to the print. In this case, the number of print copies of the book might be decreased.

  • If a book is enlisted as additional reading, a smaller number of copies will be purchased.


E-Resources as Course Reading

The Library recommends using e-resources as course reading. We are always happy to help You find and use interesting resources!

For example in the Ebrary-database the Library has 100.000 e-books in use. On the DawsonEra platform we have over 300 and in Ellibs also ca. 300 e-books. You can find these platforms by searching for them in JYKDOK, jyu.finna.fi (write the name of the platform in the search box). All e-books can also be found individually in JYKDOK (by title, author, subject etc.)

In DawsonEra and Ellibs you are able to search both books we already have in our collections, and books that we don’t yet own. All Ebrary resources can be found at  www.ebrary.com (the site JYKDOK leads you to only includes books we already have in our collections). Both in DawsonEra and Ebrary you have the possibility to preview material not yet in use for five minutes.

Many of our e-books have no limits on the number of concurrent users. This means that also mass courses will benefit from the e-book as course reading. Some of the books, however, are limited to one concurrent user. Ask more about user rights: Tytti Leppänen and Annika Puruskainen-Jalkanen.

If you find a possible textbook as an e-version, feel free to make an acquisition request (WWW).

Informing the Library about New Course Reading

Departments must inform the Library about new course reading in the curriculum as early as possible, by the end of May at the latest.

When renewing the curriculum, information on the department’s new course reading is usually sent to the library by Departmental Coordinators. The information can also be sent by the Acquisitions Request Form (WWW).

Contact person: Tytti Leppänen

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